Danley Sound Labs Installed at The Love Inn


Danley Sound Labs Installed at The Love Inn

I. Introduction

Earlier this year Re-Production were tasked with replacing the sound system at the Love Inn located on Bristol’s Stokes Croft. After many systems were trialed the Danley SH50 and TH118XL system was selected for it’s superior sound quality.

Since the installation the Love Inn has successfully hosted events from a 18 hour party to album listening events.

II. The Challenge

The love Inn has struggled with poor acoustics for a while, previous sound systems have consisted of a traditional reflex loaded 15” and horn loaded 1.4” compression driver. The pattern control of previous systems did not help with the reverberant room firing audio into the walls and ceiling.

This made it difficult to hear the music and for bar staff to take orders for drinks.

III. The Solution: Danley Sound Systems

The synergy horn technology used exclusively by Danley has many benefits, the horn acts as a single perfect acoustic source. There is no interference between drivers so the sound is uniform across the room. 

The other benefit of the synergy horn is that the Danley has extremely tight pattern control. This means that all of the sound is kept where it’s meant to be. Reflections are reduced and sound from the main PA to the bar is reduced making it easier to take drinks orders and increasing the overall sound quality.

The Danley synergy horn is also one of the most electrically efficient loudspeakers. The energy consumption of the system has also been reduced whilst keeping suitable SPL.

We installed:

2 x Danley SH50

2 x 12” Low Drivers

4 x 5” Mid Drivers

1 x 1” High Driver

80hz - 20,000hz

2 x Danley TH118XL

1 x 3400W 18” Driver

35hz - 80hz

2 x Martin Audio LE100 Monitors

1 x 12” Coaxial Driver

80hz - 20,000hz

Powered by a Linea Reasearch 88C20

8 x 2500W Amplifier

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