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Danley Sound Labs have revolutionised the loudspeaker. Through properitery technologies like the Synergy Horn and Boundary coupled horn Danley have pushed the limits of what a speaker can do.

We have chosen Danley sound labs for their high quality and exceptional performance, making them a top choice for professional sound engineers and audiophiles alike.

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SH96HO at alfresco disco

The Danley Sound Labs Philosophy

The Danley Sound Labs philosophy is centered around the principle of achieving the highest possible sound quality.

Danley philosophy is focused on scientific reasoning. Tom Danley's background in engineering including projects for NASA and the US Military has been transferred to audio manufacturing.

Danley bring ground breaking technology to commercial products giving advantages of efficiency, weight reductions and cost savings compared to more traditional sound solutions.

The scientific accuracy is taken all the way through the product, Danley don't do inflated marketing figures and publish every available measurement for their loudspeakers. With Danley you know that it will deliver what it says it can deliver.
SH96HO Internal Diagram
Danley Sound Labs SH50 Install & The Love Inn

The Science of Sound

At the heart of Danley Sound Labs' speaker design is a deep understanding of the science of sound. This has culminated in the Synergy Horn.

Danley have revolutionised horn design, we have been a fan of horn loaded loudspeakers but there have been several key issues with prior horn designs. Horns are needed for seperate frequencies meaning larger than neccesary sound systems.

Danley have built a horn that fire broad band frequencies down the same horn. this gives a phase coherent and consistent coverage over the entire listening area as there is no interferance or comb filtering.

The Importance of Acoustics

In addition to designing speakers that are capable of producing high-quality sound, Danley Sound Labs also places a strong emphasis on acoustics.

By using a single point source you know exactly where the sound will go, it is incredibly easy to measure and predict sound levels. This is particularly useful for managing off-site noise or managing the bad acoustics of venues by keeping sound off reflective surfaces.
Danley Sound Labs SH95HO
Danley BC415 Subwoofer

Innovative Technologies

Danley Sound Labs is constantly pushing the boundaries of speaker technology.

This is perfectly shown with their Boundary Couple subwoofers. Designed to fly under a Chinook helicopter the BC415 uses 4 x 15" drivers and a carefully designed horn to produce staggering sound levels with very high levels of rear rejection.

Perfect for keeping performers happy on a quiet stage or reducing off-site noise.

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