Thekla Lighting Sale


Thekla Lighting Sale

Thekla has recently undergone a vast restoration project on the boat's hull, keeping her water-tight and ship shape for many a year to come!

As well as the restoration to the hull the ships lighting rig needed some maintenance.
After several events using the Astera AX1 pixel tube, Thekla decided to purchase several Astera kits for their use.
Re-Production were able to supply these Astera tubes as well as additional fixtures from Prolights, Cameo and Chauvet. The Re-Production team aided the installation of the new fixtures working alongside the Thekla crew. Our expert crew programed the Avolites Titan Mobile desk used to control the new fixtures.

Re-Production installed the new lighting just in time for March but, COVID-19 meant that these events had to be postponed. However, the versatile lighting has been helpful for a recent series of live stream events from the ship's boiler room.

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